T-minus 5 days: Picked up my visa

So yes, sure I admit I do everything last-minute but as long as that last-minute decision is normally facilitated, there’s no problem. I went to the Ghana High Commission in North London. The man processing my application couldn’t believe that my purpose for going to Ghana was to live with my grandmother. It seems a… Continue reading T-minus 5 days: Picked up my visa

Ghanaian Diaspora Info website

I came across this website when I was carrying out my dissertation: http://www.ghanaiandiaspora.com/ It’s got everything from an Overview of climate, regions and other stats, through to advice about setting up bank accounts Could the website be more dynamic and exciting to encourage fence-sitters to take that leap? Yes. Like every other government-related website I’ve come… Continue reading Ghanaian Diaspora Info website

Something Beginning with GH

This is the start of my Something Beginning With GH blog. I’m going to Ghana for almost a year. Technically my year off begun 17th September the day after I handed in my dissertation for my Masters but I hadn’t confirmed anything until sometime last week. This is perhaps the most exciting thing I’ve done in years.