Cost of moving

Moving to Ghana is not an easy task. And it is not cheap too. All this pre-leaving talk always focuses on how the cost of living in Ghana is dirt cheap, so if I find a job looking for an expat I could live like a queen!

That might be true but I’ve not yet found a job looking for an expat who has just stepped out of university. When I do, I’ll let you know.

Moving to Ghana (as opposed to visiting on holiday) is a fairly costly affair. This is what I’ve spent so far:

Yellow Fever: £50

Rabies Course (3 shots): £150

Malaria tablets (3 months weekly): £7.85

Sterile kit: £20

2 year multiple entry visa: £180 (needed the 72 hour service so it was £20 more than the £160 standard service)

If you choose to get a Ghanaian passport you might fall into immigration issues: £110

Setting up broadband in the Ghana house: £87

GOtv/Dstv: £35/£104 (in the first month) (both prices are the most basic packages + £6.10ave monthly subscription)

There have been other costs such as buying and shipping certain foods because the “western friendly” places that will have them are too expensive.


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