T-minus 5 days: Picked up my visa

So yes, sure I admit I do everything last-minute but as long as that last-minute decision is normally facilitated, there’s no problem. I went to the Ghana High Commission in North London. The man processing my application couldn’t believe that my purpose for going to Ghana was to live with my grandmother. It seems a very easy concept to grasp, but maybe not. He didn’t want to give me more than 6 months visa for £90 (aside from the fact that that’s not what I was asking for, the value for money is abysmal) because the form had said I hadn’t been to Ghana before and my current passport had no Ghana stamp inside. Obviously, someone was slightly jealous of the stamp locations that were inside, nonetheless I had to reassure him that I had been to Ghana before, 3 times in fact (4 if you count the time my mum found out she was pregnant with me). I stopped short of taking him through a verbal tour of how one might travel from my Grandmother’s house to various other destinations in Ghana as if I were the voice from a SatNav device. I thought, “that might just come across as desperate and I don’t want to give this guy anymore power than he already wields (we’ve got previous confrontational history)”. I paid for my 2-year multiple entry visa £180.00. It’ll take 72 hours to be ready and that’ll be the last time I have to visit that building (for myself at least) in the next 2 years. Maybe in that time, there’s been a reshuffle or re-configuring of the staff.


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