You’ll hear this alot, especially from people coming from North America and Europe. The way the heat hits you when you step off the plane it’s both abrupt and inviting. It’s probably the only thing I like about Kotoka International. The airport isn’t “modern” enough to have hose bridges direct into the plane so you have to take the stairs from the craft to the ground. I always find my body taking a mini step backwards back into the familiar cold of the plane I don’t know if that’s a natural reaction because I’ve been in the cold for 7 hours on the plane or because I’ve been in the cold for 22 years in the UK.

Aside from getting used to the Ghanaian heat, my first and most important mission is to make it to the other side where my cousin picks us up. It could be an android game in itself. I always feel guilty of something when I go through KIA and because of that I try doubly hard to put on an innocent face (failing that a confused or sleepy face cos then they’ll just leave you alone out of courtesy).

And once you reach the other side, hold on to your luggage trolley for dear life. There will be a taxi driver and he will claim he’s been sent to collect you and he will expect some sort of payment for the support you didn’t ask him for. My trolley hijacker had the cheek to ask me for £20 for walking 100 paces. SorryWhatBlud?!?!

All that excitement and we’ve only just finished the airport.


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