Day 4: Church Day

Went to church today. Don’t really have a choice since I’m with family and not actually on holiday. What I do get a choice on is what kind of church I go to, so I’m shaking it up a bit by doing the rounds with different family members to different Christian denominations. This week: the Asofan branch of the pentecostal franchise church that is ICGC, led by a well-known man called Mensa Otabil. The church sermon was given in 3 languages: English, Ga and Twi. I’m pretty sure there was some Ewe thrown in at times too., Needless to say,  it was too much for my brain, I zoned out a couple of times.

We were also reminded to enjoy the partial solar eclipse responsibly. It was just a bit of a let down, I won’t lie. Nothing like the total eclipse we enjoyed in 1999. An eclipse just isn’t worth noting unless it makes the place look like night at 1 in the afternoon. I didn’t get to do my impression of Whoopi Goldberg a la her appearance in A Knight in Camelot: 

(skip to 2:05)

Still all the kids in the area were excited. I won’t rain on their parade.


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