Day 6: Grand Designs

In Ghana (this may extend across the continent but I want to avoid sweeping generalisations) it is a right of passage to grow up, get a job and build a house. Somewhere in there is get married and have kids, but the foremost is that if anything, get a job and build a house. If you’ve gone abroad it is thought that you are in a better position to be able to do that, so there should be no excuse… except of course, if you’re like me and have become addicted to Channel 4’s Grand Designs. Then I think the excuse is that the architects in Ghana (and you must have a local architect stamp on any design) are not addicted to Grand Designs.

My day was dedicated to going around the land my mum owns, with an architect with the hope that he will understand all my plans which I have so lovingly and carefully drawn up after traipsing through 2 years worth of my subscription to the Grand Designs Magazine. He didn’t like any of it and said a flat roof was not sensible – pitched roofs only. And the moment I said “guesthouse” (as in the pool house in The O.C.) he immediately set about describing a hotel.  Needless to say once he had gone down that route he was not open-minded enough to come off that track no matter how much I tried to re-clarify what I meant.

*sigh* I must now find another architect. This time the first thing I will ask is: Do you know who Kevin McCloud is? If not, jog on mate!

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Grand Designs

  1. Ghanaian Architects are synonymous with grand designs…they love big because the bigger the more….oh never mind. Anyways my dear wife built us a home big enough for a guest house and that is what it is today. Small is beautiful Charlene, especially in unpredictable Ghana…unless you are building for the whole famdamily.

    1. he didn’t want me to have a garden because I would be “wasting land”, apparently I should build right up to the wall, with just enough walking space around the perimeter. I intend to have a small house (well on contemporary new build in Ghana standards it will be small) because I want to utilise having outdoor space as much as possible, just need to find someone who won’t say no to that. if you know someone, please recommend.

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