Day 9: Getting a Taxi

I’m slightly worried. It’s been just 9 days but every time I’ve gone to get a car with my mother or another person, I’ve been told it’s best that I don’t speak because otherwise the drivers will hear my accent and overcharge us. Now, I get that. When we were travelling through South East Asia it was more than clear that we were not paying “local” prices I don’t think I even mind getting a bit scammed, cos as time goes on, I’ll pick up the language better and be able to haggle better. I’m just thinking, my mum isn’t gonna be around forever to play the whole Borga* act in order to drive the cost down.

There’s no tip I could offer about getting a taxi in Accra, although that I’ve noticed my mum always says “It’s just here!” even if she end up listing like 10 towns in-between our location and our destination it’s always “just here, not far!” 

*Borga (pronounced boh-ga): someone who has left Ghana to live abroad (outside of Africa) and returns like they’ve reached enlightenment. they may be on holiday or a returnee.


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