Day 15: Charlene 1 – 0 Trotro Workers

Thank God for small victories.

Today was yet another trotro journey, but this time the trotro mate (conductor) had obviously clocked that he’d got some “Westerners” in his van. The journey from Kasoa to Cape Coast cost us 6 cedis per person, but on the return, although stopping much shorter than Kasoa the mate wanted to charge us 7 cedis per person. There’s 4 of us, so that means 28 instead of 24 cedis. Basically the difference is £1.15 so I shouldn’t complain, but I will and I did, cos he was blatently trying to scam an extra cedi each off us.

I told him I would pay til I reached my stop. We reached my stop and I got the exact amount that I wanted to pay out. Told him, “Here’s your money”. He clenched his fist, said he wouldn’t take it. I told him, “Take the money, or I leave with it”. He looked at me stern in the face. That being said he looked to be a fairly lanky guy, not saying I could take him on, but maybe I could.. if needs be.  I repeated my self, he told me, in Twi, he’s not British and this isn’t the UK, I can’t just do what I like. I repeated myself in Twi because obviously he was tryna indigenise the beef! He referred me to his boss (the driver), who I think realised I wasn’t really bluffing because although I wasn’t in the UK I clear hadn’t “adjusted” to the Ghanaian way of life and intimidation that is used for people to get their own way. Either way, with very little resistance the boss took what I was offering and continued on his way.

Yes, as the money was taken from my hand, I heckled and bragged to the mate that I had clearly won, and he should try me again. Perhaps that wasn’t entirely necessary, perhaps neither was the Robbie Williams  show-me-what-you-got arms-stretched-out stance either, but I got carried away in the moment. Sue me.

Charlene 1-0 Trotro Workers

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