Day 33: Land disputes

So one thing that has come to define my time here so early on is an ongoing land dispute my family are going through. Basically, the chiefs sold the land to us and everything was ok, we employed some people to watch the land for us and left them to  farm corn on the land so that they would take the food and profits as payment.

After some time, the chief died and a new chief came on the seat and apparently sold our land again to the son of our neighbour. Apparently a lot of these new chiefs do that because they’re upset that their dads/uncles sold a lot of land and left nothing for them to sell. On the bus, on my way to see the police about the situation I got a bit nosey and started to read the screen of the guy next to me. Trotros are really squeezed,  so I don’t feel bad trying to find entertainment via someone else’s phone. Turns out, rather than texting his girlfriend “Abena, I why are you ignoring me?” this guy was reading a scripture — Psalm 37:11-13 — which is so apt for our situation today.

Sometimes faith is going to be a very strong part of getting through the challenges of trying to start something up in Ghana. Despite the corruption you gotta have faith that God’s got your back in the end. Another lesson learned: protect your screen when you’re on a trotro cos everyone can see everything!


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