Day 45: Santoku

“Sanktoku”, I hear, means “Innovation”. I think “near perfection” is also a good translation. I took my mum to what is arguably Accra’s classiest restaurant with all these good reviews in my head and the worry that, with my luck, they’ll disappoint. They did not. It is, for lack of a better word, swanky. The staff are really nice, the waiter, Derek, was putting up with all my attempts to crack a good joke and was very patient with our indecisiveness. A lady, who I am taking to be the manager, came and spoke to us at length about the food, the chefs, the restaurant. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “why would I want to spend time at length talking to the staff?” and that might be true if you’re on a date, but it was me and my mummy and it was our first time and we wanted to send compliments to the chef, and I intend to live in one of the apartments above so it’s always good to build good relations. And, of course they were so nice, you felt like they were your mates.

The food. Oh the food! I only regret budgeting myself because I’m sure there’s a few things I would have had twice and a few things that the tables next to us and two down had order that I got serious food envy over. I don’t want to ruin the experience of going to Santoku for your first time, so here are just a few pictures.

Apple Tartan with Vanilla Ice Cream
Apple Tartan with Vanilla Ice Cream
Cashew Nut Brownie with Coconut Ice Cream
Cashew Nut Brownie with Coconut Ice Cream


It’s always good to spoil your mother when you get the chance, the song “Sweet Mother” isn’t popular in West Africa for no reason!


Really if you get the chance, go there. It really is the best restaurant I’ve been to in Ghana.


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