Day 63: The escalators of Marina Mall

Happy New Year! It’s 2014 woooo. [Insert sentence here about how 2014 is gonna be your year, most probably important to you because every year you have previously lived really wasn’t your year and I should be encouraging].

Today, we were supposed to celebrate the New Year at the beach which I was sure would be rammed with people. Alas, abonsam (the devil) had other plans and my cousin’s car broke down. It took hours for the mechanic to come and fix it cos nobody wants to work on Jan 1. In the end it was decided that we wouldn’t go to the beach cos we wouldn’t be able to spend long before having to return home. Off to Marina Mall, the apparent latest hotspot. The shops in Marina Mall weren’t open. None of them. The problem with Ghana on a National Holiday is that everyone wants to take advantage of that, so no one takes advantage of the fact that many other people are taking advantage of a day-off. None of the stores were open, at all. Just the food court, which had the KFC rammed with people and the Delifrance desperately under-signified (it was only after buying 5 sundaes from KFC that I saw that Delifrance was there *sadface*)

I was hoping to write little review on Marina Mall, but I can’t really compare or be impressed by the stock in United Colors of Benetton if they’re not even open for my perusal. Dear store renters in Marina Mall, try harder please. I don’t even understand why you would open a mall if none of the shops inside are open.

The one thing that made up for that disappointment was the number of people who were queuing at the lifts or had turned right around and left the mall, not because the shops were closed but because they were scared of the escalators. I offered to help one lady onto the escalators for the first time, I think her husband had just stepped on without her and didn’t look like he intended to come back. Anyways, she was having none of it and was pregnant so I wasn’t going to push the issue, afterall *african accent* is it by force?!

I can only recommend going to Marina Mall if you know what it is you’re looking for, it’s too small for it to be an “experience” or tourist attraction unless you wanted to experience the safari of watching Average Joe Ghanaians trying to pluck up the courage to ride the escalator.


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