Day 80: Komla Dumor

I once went to a talk at SOAS where Komla Dumor was a speaker, some time last year. I was late, but was lucky and happy that he was late too. He walked in a couple of steps behind me and all I wanted to do is get a picture, tell him that as modern-day Ghanaians go, he’s my hero, my favourite of the lot. I didn’t stop him that evening because I was worried that people will see me holding him up in pointless conversation about how I’m “his biggest fan”. That night, I was even gonna do something really stupid and wild and ask him to be my mentor on a very personal research project I’m about to embark on that will entail talking to and challenging a lot of the Ghanaian political elite – something I know he’s gladiator at.

I was late to my Yoruba class that night. Decided I would catch him at the post-talk networking but as I came back to the Brunei Gallery I bottled it. Told myself I would have the opportunity to meet him again. Today, the reality became that I would not. No one will. A great tree has fallen and his future silence will make a deafening sound in the telling of the African story.  

He was forever a proud Ghanaian and African, and forever, making Ghanaians and Africans proud.

Komla, Damirifa Due


UPDATE: I found on my other blog Journey. Learn. Speak. a post I wrote about Komla Dumor last year. It’s funny how the same words come up. It’s funny how admiration grows over time.


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