Day 93: Malaria tablets and healthcare in Ghana

Good news: today is my mummy’s birthday. 

Bad news: She’s in the UK, I’m in Ghana so I’m missing out on celebrating with her. 

Worse news: I woke up feeling really bad this morning. It was only on the trotro to work that I remembered I had failed to take my malaria tablet for this week. What’s worse is that for the past few days the mozzies have had a field day with me so malaria is a real possibility. With that in mind,the moment I jumped off the trotro I went to Media Pharmacy on Lagos Avenue in East Legon and asked for Lariam. Each tablet is 20 Ghana cedis. GHC20! That’s about £5 by today’s exchange rate, even more than that if it were bought a few days ago. 

My whole 3 month prescription picked up in the UK before I came was £7.95. That gave me 12 tablets. 

About 3 months worth from Media Pharmacy would cost GHC240 or £60! I just don’t know how we’re expecting to win the war on malaria when we’re pricing everyone out of the fight. I now get what Bill Gates and the GAVI Alliance were complaining about. 


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