Day 100: Strange Fruit

Today is Day 100!!! Woooo, I made it!

If I was doing the #100DaysOfHappy challenge, it would look something like my blog. I’ve been tested and pushed and undermined (because of my femaleness, my youth and my foreignness all at different times, sometimes simultaneously), I’ve seen familiar faces and met new ones. Some of them family members that I’ve met for the first time, others genuine strangers who have approached me like a friend.

Africa has been good to me! Ghana has been good to me and despite my reservations late last year, I think it’s one of the best decisions I’m made. To be honest, travelling always is. Singapore was a great decision I made too.

Either way, what awesome way to celebrate new experiences and, I guess, my becoming African than trying some fruit I had never heard of before. The first is called alansa (or alasa). I think the English name for it is White Star Apple. I don’t know why cos it has a texture more like the plum than the apple and I’ve seen the starfruit in South East Asia and it doesn’t look like that either. Either way it’s English name is neither here nor there, in Ga it is Alansa, in Twi (my language) it’s Adesaa. It’s amazingly sour and without the messiness, is a perfect replacement for sweets (which is good because the price of imported sweets is just heartbreaking).

Fruit number two you may have heard of before. Yooyi (pronouced yoh-yee) I think it’s English name is the Velvet Tamarind.


It’s very similar to tamarind. Minor differences, where the tamarind grows in this crackable tube, yooyi grows like berries. And whilst the flesh of the tamarind might be considered somewhat waxy, the yooyi’s outer case and inner flesh (the edible bit) is kinda furry in texture.

If you find some in the UK holla at me!


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