Day 127: Ghana Independence Day

Today was Ghana Independence Day! woop woop! My first Ghana Independence in Ghana. Weirdly enough in comparison to diaspora Ghanaians wrapping themselves up in the Ghana flag (I once changed my school tie to a tie of the Ghana flag and got in trouble for it) the overt displays of patriotism are starkly lacking here in Accra.

There is more jubilation when Ghana wins a friendly match than there is today. What I have noticed is that it is an opportunity for reflection on our nation. You are most likely to find out what Ghanaians want changed in their country today than any other day. Today is the day people are most likely to say “Ghana is [insert a number here] years old and what have we got to show for it [follow with long depressing list of all the micro issues that frustrated the speaking person that week]”

So if you are looking for a business opportunity, today is the best day to be in Ghana speaking to people.

It rained today. The rain beat down the soldiers, students and spectators at the parade (of which I was to be included if I could be bothered to wake up in time). The President took the opportunity to raise the issue of climate change and timely execution of duties, namely the Met office giving better notice of such poor whether. He has a point.

Regardless of all that, we can all be happy, we might not be in the most amazing situation, we might not have reached our potential and our history might be full of regret, but we are at least independent (I know this is up for contention).

If I can’t convince with words. Let me convince you with my favourite picture of the day.

I love Ghana.


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