Day 166+29: The moving checklist evaluation

Before I left for Ghana I checked around for a checklist of items I should take. I didn’t want to rely on the advice of the aunties and uncles who themselves haven’t lived in Ghana for over 30 years. There’s the tendency to think of Ghana as the deprived country it was when they left.

From ExpatInfoDesk (you can look at the full list via the link) these are the things I think are most helpful:

  1. Book air tickets
  2. Create a folder with all hard copies and paperwork of the important documents and back up on to a computer as well
  3. Ask your doctors and dentist for copies of your medical records. Organise a final check up
  4. Find out what the local names and equivalents are for any prescription medication you or your family are on. Make sure it’ll be available in you destination country. If not you will need to take supply with you, together with proof of your need for the medication.

I think if you get these sorted, everything else can be improvised. If you think I need to add anything else, reply below.


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