#Ghana #Film: Faces of Love

I’ve missed Ghanaian film mainly the relative cheapness (in price) to buy a film or go to the cinema in Ghana. So I subscribed to @irototv plus.

First film: Faces of Love

Starring: John Dumelo and some unknowns.

Review: Well, I always appreciate John Dumelo’s acting although I’ve gotta say his characters are perhaps a little safe. I’m yet to see him really push the boat out. In Faces of Love he plays, Boyo, a player-bachelor who rarely calls the same girl twice, and is not fazed by his friends settling down. Obviously his character much like Benedick in Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. Come to think about it, I reckon if you know the story of Much Ado About Nothing I reckon you will know how the movie plays out, with a few twists.

My favourite scene through the movie is when Boyo has a run in with an ex-girlfriend. Needless to say chaos ensues and I’m pretty sure the American ‘extras’ in the background were not quite aware that a movie filming was going on. Their reactions were just too organically confused to be acting.

If you can put up with some shaky accents (the lead actor has clearly lived in the UK, US and Nigeria) and some wooden acting from fresh actors a la Nollywood 2007, you will probably like this film.


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