#Ghana #film: Shackles



Starring: John Dumelo, Jackie Appiah, Roselyn Ngissah

Review: This film was an unnecessary 3-hour-long film about crazy women and illogical men. It might have been a half decent film had it been condensed into a more acceptable 90 mins. The film ends with a flashback to the “turning point” scene in the story. Flashbacks are ubiquitous in GH/NG cinema much to my frustration. Instead of explaining in a sentence or two we must rewatch a scene for reasons that were so obvious to us to begin with. I’ve gotta say I’ve seen Jackie Appiah play a sociopath/psychopath in a number of films and she carries those roles very well. Her acting improves exponentially when she’s stretched to play such unlikeable characters. Ironically, I deeply dislike her acting and the characters she plays when she is given safer ‘daddy’s-little-princess’ roles. Perhaps we need more adventure directors and casting directors to really pull the talent from the stars.

It’s hard to review and critique without ruining the storyline for those who might still want to watch the film, but I would just like to say I yearn for the day that a man cheats on his wife in an African film and at the end of the film they decide clearly he did it for a reason (no juju or potions) and the two should part ways… y’know… like real life.

Oh and one thing I have noticed about Ghallywood/Nollywood films of late is that they feature these brazen and over-confident young children who are not only able to narrate and give commentary to their parents behaviour but also defy and criticise their parents. No. Just no. My parents never sat down to reason with me, I could expect a slap if I attempted any of that and parenting by African parents has not changed that much since my time, for me to believe this is now possible. Can we please return to children should be seen and not heard except for when they are confirming to their parents that they came top of the class… y’know… like real life?

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