#Ghana #film: Be My Guest

Starring: Nadia Buari, Chris Attoh, Fred Amugi

Review: So this film is 100mins long. Which any veteran Nollywood viewer will know is not actually that long in comparison to the ‘classics’. So without giving too much away the gist is a guy likes a girl but they don’t really get together, later he gets married to someone else and this girl from before turns up wanting him back.

One frustration from this film is the fact that every single action from Zoe (Nadia Buari) seemed to be a chess move in order to get here former boyfriend back, but then she’s kicking him out of her office at the end of the film… and then sitting down to dinner with him a couple scenes later. I was left confused as to the motives of this character but not in a CSI-‘you’re brain has been challenged’ kind of way, just a ‘we’ve not really thought out how these scenes contribute to the storyline’ way.

In terms of quality of the picture, obviously it is a good quality. I’ve not known Chris Attoh to do a poor picture quality film, he’s very good in that sense. That being said, obviously the directorship and cinematography is not in the league of the Shirleys or Leilas. It’s a watchable film though. It won’t take too much of your day or frustrate you too much in its conclusion.



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