Au revoir, à bientôt

word for word my experience since returning (temporarily!) to the UK.

The joys and wonders of living in Ghana

When I speak with friends living in Canada, it’s always an eye-opener to listen to their post-university experiences. A lot of them are working just to get by, not working in their field or even in a field they’re interested in.

I do believe that my leaving for Ghana immediately after university is the reason I still have a positive image of life in Canada. Here, even years later, people are working to live. Perhaps I’m just fortunate to be working in a good sector in Ghana, because truth be told, I know many people working to live there as well! This simply shows a lot about what’s going on in the world economy.

It’s unfair for parents who had it “good” economy-wise after university to put pressure on us, seeing as the economy has evolved significantly, and not necessarily in our favour….who am I kidding, not at all in…

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