Family Reunion

At one point in time in the life of a British-Ghanaian there will be that journey back to Ghana with all the family to meet all of the other family. That’s happened twice for me now, first in 1999 when I was 8 and this year with a considerably larger family. 1999 was obviously much better, Ghana didn’t seem so chaotic back then. I remember heading to Bubiashie to see some Ghana-based cousins and rejecting yam chips because “it can only be chips if it’s made from potato!” (8 year old Charlene). It was the first time I saw the buying of newspapers on the road from the comfort of one’s car (I now religiously engage in that practice and  have made great friends with my supplier). 

In 1999, Monkey: Journey to the West was the show. Even we British kids ran home from what ever tourist activity we were doing, to watch it. I dare say the 2014 visiting diasporans are missing out. Mara & Clara with just not suffice.

2014 however does have the advantage of growth (my independence) and better quality cameras to capture some awesome moments. 


IMG_2409 IMG_2547


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