Birthday in GH

Today is my birthday. Only the second birthday I have spent in Ghana, the last being my 8th birthday in 1999.

The weather has been far from kind to me today though. This is what I woke up to…


Gloomy, cloudy skies; unenthusiastic rain; temperature well below the expected 35 (expected because it’s Africa not because any meteorologist predicted it to be so).

Due to the poor timing of the family reunion all my cousins my age are now back in the UK and I’m left alone with the young’uns. I had to make the best of the situation and so I went crazy golfing in Dzorwulu.

Marvels is pretty much the only place to go for crazy golf in Accra. It’s pretty decent as well, especially for a family outing. Excluding a minor flooding of the course caused by the leaving on of a hose that I guess was being used to water the grass It is a good sized course. There weren’t any windmills or clown faces to knock through and so in that sense perhaps it wasn’t as crazy as I was expecting.

The service was friendly enough, they picked up on our British accents, and were really helpful even wishing me a happy birthday and offering to take pictures for us. The food wasn’t too great. Everyone felt they would have preferred Barcelos down the road or even good traditional food from El-Sharma, also in Dzorwulu.

IMG_2683 IMG_2698
No, I didn’t head into town, go clubbing or any of that for my birthday… mainly because I’ve turned into  a bit of a granny since I stopped drinking. That being said I am trying to revert from my hermit ways so any suggested venues for future reference will be greatly appreciated. Somewhere good enough for an expat like myself, but not where 99% of the people there are actually expats like myself. Ta!

IMG_2784 (2)


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