Avoiding Cholera and Ebola

My timing is impeccable. I’m here in Ghana, West Africa at a time when the region is under attack from two diseases. What Ghana lacks in Ebola we make up for in Cholera.

According to an article I read the number of people who have been affected by the cholera outbreak in Ghana is well over 5000. And that number is those who have registered cases of cholera in their own biological system, it doesn’t include those being infected as I type; those, who have not yet sought or found medical help; those whose main bread winner has been struck with it thereby making life and survival an insurmountable task right now.

Being a “borga” of sorts, my aim is to avoid contracting anything. It requires a daily survival kit including a bottle of water, hand sanitiser, long sleeved tops (ebola can be passed via minute skin touching, so when I’m heading the market I take precautions), tissues and antiseptic wipes and a handkerchief for when I need to cough or pretend I need to cough when someone close-by has sneezed into the atmosphere.

I avoid places like Agblogbloshie, Accra’s filth town. I’ve suspended all thoughts of travelling to Lagos, Lome or Abidjan until everything has cleared up.

I heard somewhere that we should be avoiding apples, carrots and watermelons because they might be poisoned by Boko Haram. I never really ate them before but now I consciously avoid all hawkers and stalls selling those items.

jk it’s not that bad!

Ahh Afrique!


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