“Ghana to soon import water” – Forestry Commission

“Ghana to soon import water” – Forestry Commission.

Sometimes it is deeply frustrating to read headlines in Ghana. Mainly because the critical thinking the President asked for is still not done (perhaps to his favour). Knowing full well that we need to not only slow the rate of deforestation, but also reverse it, why has no one asked what has happened to the trees that we paid for. Months after we “discovered” that not one tree was actually planted have we returned to evaluate whether, after that expose, any trees have been planted.

I once saw a perfectly live and healthy tree felled and burnt to create charcoal. And since then I have also seen numerous trees felled to make way for road-building project. The stumps of those trees have been left beside the road offering no use to anyone.

Being a returnee, things like this frustrate me simply because I don’t think it requires an outsider to connect the dots. So why is nothing happening? And when will life in Ghana get so expensive that it no longer makes sense to return?

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