Building Site

You know you’re living on a building site when simply taking your clothes down from the washing line becomes an episode of Fort Boyard. 

At home, at the moment we’re relocating our Polytank to make it easier to get water into the house. This means the ground has been smashed up to reroute pipes and set a platform in (my most favourite material) cement. So now almost everyday, a bunch of guys I barely recognise walk into the compound at like 6am and begin their daily task. Occasionally, they’ll need to move something and that will require calling some more guys from outside and a sort of ChuckleBrothers “to me to you” charade will commence.

Expect to have to question a few decisions made by the masons. Expect their response to be “this is how we do it in Ghana”. Expect that you will accept this response because it’s not worth challenging. That is building in Ghana.

Being a contractor in Ghana is good money now. Real estate – and this stretches from new builds to home improvements – is the in thing. There are many big accommodation projects in and around Accra, including the last section of Villagio Vista overlooking the Tetteh Quarshie interchange and (one that I’m pretty excited about) Adinkra Heights, on Liberation Avenue (someone buy me an apartment there!)

Now obviously one cannot expect to come over to Ghana and immediately be considered on the same level as the Villagios and Devtracos but the need is so huge that it’s worth throwing your hat in. Real estate is the reason why other bloggers like Akua at The Only Way Is Ghana, upped sticks from the UK to come here. She offers the best guide to the struggles of getting into real estate in Ghana.


Either way, no one is saying how long I must stay in Fort Boyard, I just gotta use this as a home-made gym and tone some muscle – silver linings. hmmm Ghana.




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