When I first landed in Ghana last year, I thought I would be able to use every blessed weekend to travel to a different place in the country. Distractions meant that wasn’t the case, but now those same distractions took me to Winneba. I had to go to court and I just thought Lemons… Lemonade.


So Friday morning when I realised I would be going to Winneba I started looking on all the possible tourism websites for information on the town.

Ghana Travel / TripAdvisor / TouringGhana / World66 / TouristLink / VirtualTourist 

Now these were all far from helpful. This is what the Ghana Tourism Authority has to tell you about Winneba:

Winneba is an old coastal town on the “Gulf of Guinea”, located 35 miles west of Accra, the capital city of Ghana.

In the early colonial history of Gold Coast, as Ghana was then called, Winneba served as a port town. Vestiges of this colonial past are old warehouses of the Elder Dempster Lines, still to be found on the coastline.

Many a tourist today know Winneba for its annual “Deer Hunt Festival” held in May each year, and its unique “Fancy Dress Contest”, backed by Brass Band music, which is held on January 1st each year.

By nature, music is the heart of the Efutu people of Winneba, and in the past every scholar of the town was expected at least to know how to play the piano.

According to Google maps, Winneba is home to the Muni-Pomadze Protected Area which is something I had never heard of in my life. Although I wanted to pay it a visit the locals didn’t really know what I was talking about or where to direct us, so… that failed.


TripAdvisor doesn’t have any attractions down for Winneba, not even the Deer Hunt Festival that the GTA mentioned and according to all these websites Winneba also doesn’t have any hotels, only 3 B&Bs/Inns. Lonely Planet finds a few more, but…


TouringGhana and @Delalorm both suggested Sir Charles Beach Resort but in the end because no one is ever in their workplace when they are supposed to be and then they take too long to see you when they do finally arrive, I didn’t have time to do anything but tour Winneba briefly by car.


Still, the town is pretty, clean, quiet… I’ll be doing my best to get back out there for a proper visit in the near future and from what I can see if you come to Ghana and you want to head to the beach do not waste your time heading to Labadi or any beach on the Accra coast. Be different, head to Winneba.



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