National Holiday! Eid-Ul-Adha

Happy Eid to Muslims everywhere!!

I’ve worked out the reason why Ghanaians, regardless of religion or belief, live in such harmony…. National Holidays! Thank you, thank you, thank you Islam for yet another reason for Ghanaians to have a day off… we just had one 2 weeks ago to mark the 105th birthday of Ghana’s first Ghanaian Prime Minister and then President, Kwame Nkrumah. In a few weeks we will get another for Farmers’ Day, time off for Christmas, New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and Easter, May Day/Workers’ Day, AU Day, Republic Day and all Eids throughout the year.

I’m pretty sure if the Black Stars are playing an important match it’s an unofficial public holiday. No doubt if we finally end the trophy drought that day too will be used as an excuse for a public holiday, and the anniversary of that day will also be another sweet addition to the national holiday calendar *fingers crossed for Black Stars in Morocco Jan 2015*

Any country that is struggling to reconcile groupings should really look at the power of the national holiday. It’s magical. I look forward to the day an NPP government add an extra five Founders’ Days to the calendar to be truly representative of the Big Six.*

The government didn’t really announce it in time for any big events to be planned, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled following TimeOut Accra for any inspiration, in the end I reckon a trip to the beach tomorrow is in order.

Happy Autumn weather UK…

*April 26th for Obetsebi-Lamptey; June 17th for Ako-Adjei; June 26th for Akufo-Addo; October 10th for Ofori Atta; December 21st for JB Danquah

In truth, I really do appreciate the spirituality behind religious festivals. Although this is a bit tongue-in-cheek because Ghana has far too many holidays, I wish all my Muslim friends a truly happy Eid. 🙂


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