This is half a summary of my November month so far in Ghana and half a post dedicated to a competition BloggingGhana is running that I hope you will all help me win.

November has been an interesting month for me not least because my sister arrived and that’s when I realised my Tecno P5 is just not up to the task of insta-worthy pics. There’s a lot of weird and quirky things that happen in Ghana if you take some time to look around and if you’re brave enough to get your camera out (sometimes people get a bit angry with you about that, but maybe they just jealous your smartphone oooo)

Goat shielding from the rain
Goat shielding from the rain
Accident Sowutuom Ghana
but how?!!

My month started off with a trip to Achimota Hospital for an xray on my tooth because my London dentist (who I visited just so that I wouldn’t have to visit a Ghanaian one) messed up a nerve or something. Turns out the doctors were supposed to be on strike regarding their pensions, but many of them we still around helping people 🙂 good people!

If you stand around waiting for a trotro at Achimota New Station, like I must do every morning, you will see a man who polices the footwear of the bus mates. His main issue is that their sandals or shoes must be men’s footwear. Nevermind, that their clothes are tattered, their hair uncombed, their manners LACKING! Footwear, it seems is the making of a man, take note.

Trotro in East Legon
Take note: the best place to fix a trotro is right smack bang in the middle of the road. Right there..

There’s now a bright Eiffel Tower-esque light thing in Dome. At the very least you’ll know you’re in Dome, but aside that I don’t get it’s purpose. It’s near that construction site rumoured to be a new mall to serve Accra North. Malls, Malls everywhere! #TINA

Dome Eiffel Tower
Dome Eiffel Tower

The highlight of my month, is the fact that I seem to get VIP treatment at ANS now. Front seat, no queues! My mum helped me make friends with the guys who coordinate all the trotros there and so their willing to overlook my shockingly poor Twi skills to help me out when they see me. yay!

Trotro front seat
Sitting in the front seat! Perfect for buying things from hawkers on the road.

On the tourism front, on our way to Jamestown I almost got robbed at UTC (dedicated post coming soon). It’s hard to tell my sister not to be so anxious travelling around Accra when that happens right in front of her. Ghanafuor why?!!! But, then we got to Jamestown, up to the top of that famous lighthouse and fell in love with the potential this coastal city holds.


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