Should I stay or should I go…


So one thing that is really weird about my experience is that I seem to be living parallels with other Ghanaian-British returnees. Akua at The Only Way is Ghana is case and point. In the week she got mugged an attempt was made on me, although I think my case was a little more because of my own misplaced naivety.

That led to her questioning if she should stay in Ghana. I’ve been having the same thoughts too but my doubts haven’t come from the almost mugging. Mine have come from finding a job and realising it was nothing I thought it would be.

I will be honest. BloggingGhana had the #HotKitchen debate asking whether people should jump ship and flee to the greener grasses of The West or stick it out here in this economy. I was all for staying. In fact, I feel like I arrived when the kitchen was already hot. But then I think, after the first few visits to the beach, or the mall, what are the perks of being here? The culture in London seems to be one of self improvement, of mind, of body, of social life but here in Ghana people step out only for funerals. People will complain but not protest about the hardships. It’s a zombiefied living. I know there will be many people here and abroad that hate that I will say it like this.

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