As my sister is here I am keen to let her see my circles, primary among that the political circles I was introduced to through my work with IMANI, Ghana’s leading think tank. IMANI is now very much partnered with the Occupy movement that arose in Ghana back in July. Yes, Ghana missed the first global wave of Occupy but something something about being better late than never *sigh*.

Either way this partnership has brought about more active, widespread discussions about the state of the nation. It was provides a good opportunity to network. If you are into the political and stuff like I am you would be happy to know that all those personalities who you would hear or see regularly on the radio and television are so open and available to talk to.

There were two parts to the IMANIxOccupy discussions. I went to Part 1, but not Part 2 because of time.

IMG_5865 IMG_5870 IMG_5882 IMG_5915 IMG_5937 IMG_5967 IMG_5975 IMG_5978 IMG_5984 IMG_5988


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