The Stockholm Syndrome, Ghanaian Style

I was stunned when I saw this picture of Accra in the year my mum was born. It is of Kwame Nkrumah Avenue near the Kingsway Shopping Arcade my mother has always spoken to me about. When she took me inside Kingsway this year I was filled with sadness because I could only imagine what she could remember. Some of us can only imagine a Ghana that many others can remember and are being forced to forget. It can only be described as Stockholm Syndrome.

Maybe this picture, even just this one picture could provide Ghanaians with a vision of the Ghana they deserve because in this picture of 1000 words is more vision that the 1000 visionless words of the so-called national development plans churned out with the changing of each government.

From the Zen Garden

accra 1962Some of you might know what it is. Simply put, when you are kidnapped and you begin to sympathize with your abductors, and begin to appreciate every little favor thrown your way, you are a victim of this.

Yea, such crap. You are a smart person and do not fall for stuff like this. I have some news for you: the joke is on you. Unless you are not a Ghanaian living in Ghana. I will ask permission of Kofi Gbedemah, my facebook friend, to take a picture off his Facebook wall. It is a moving sight of Accra in the early sixties, to be precise, between 1961 and 1962. For many, the significance is lost, but for me it tells a story.

It tells a story of a nation with promise that slowly traded a piece of itself everyday for misery, like a junkie that slowly sells everything he…

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