#MeloMoments Episode 2

I swear this will most likely become a regular share. Mainly because the more people that see John Dumelo’s vlog the easier my job becomes because I have nice stats to work with.

Oh how I hope and pray that one day John Dumelo will just invite me on one of his little tourism trips across Ghana *hint hint nudge nudge*. Being foreign born my grandmother is highly impressed about how much of Accra I know, she loves how often I’m willing to join her to Kwahu, our beautiful hometown, but she is not willing to let me leave the capital city unaccompanied. Added to that, local Ghanaians do not seem to want to be domestic tourists. I’m always faced with the stock response “what am I going to do there?” and “just see it” seems to never be a good enough excuse.

Also as you heard from John himself, we don’t pay nearly enough for our facilities which is why they are not world class. GHS5 is equal to about £1 where as in Kenya they were charging domestic tourists around $10 or GHS32 which is about £6.40. So already Kenya has a 640% headstart even if the visitor numbers were equal, which they are not. Let’s back #MadeInGhana and #OperationDumeloHolidaysWithBello


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