Stowaways from Kotoka International

What have you brought home from Kotoka Interational Airport recently? Normally, as I did, people expect to bring back other people. People that they have gone there specifically to meet. I went to meet my mother at the airport, but when we returned home we discovered that two massive roaches had attached themselves to one of the bags and joined us on the journey home. Needless to say, although my gran assassinated those two roach-tourists in no time, I did not sleep well.

I don’t know what it is about Kotoka International Airport but it’s just unnecessarily third world. There are renovations taking place that we can only hope means an airport we can be proud of, but right now I’m not holding out for it. My gran told me when my grandfather was alive he once came home with a snake in his bag. He was coming from London so can’t nobody say it was there before Kotoka!

Imagine, opening your bag and finding a roach or snake. Jesus! I reckon there are more outrageous KIA stories. What’s the worst thing to happen to you at that airport? Is it the worst in ECOWAS?


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