More Than A Woman in Accra

The company I work for sometimes host events and as this month was International Women’s Month they hosted a celebration of the achievement’s of women in Ghana. I hate to name drop mainly because Ghanaian celebrities are hardly superstars but it was a pretty decent guestlist. Ama K dropped by, Anita Erskine and Irene Logan were also in attendance. The only thing I sometimes dislike about these type of events is that it never feels like just a a bunch of successful people all hanging out in the same place. It only feels like a bunch of people who believe themselves to be the most special people in Ghana trying to impress and outdo other people who think they too are the most special people in Ghana.

That’s the thing about events in Ghana that means you never really get those KODAK moments that you get from going to a Garden Party somewhere in Central London, or the beach hangouts I enjoyed in Singapore.

One thing you can take from events like this is that they are often in really nice venues. Kaya Energy Bar is an old colonial building in a massive compound in Cantonments. It’s a beautiful building. I love the old colonial buildings around Ghana but they’re fast disappearing for these generic, undistinguishable, under-occupied, over-priced apartments and hotels. Save Ghana’s Colonials! Reform Ghana’s Parties!

IMG_8816 IMG_8821


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