Fire at Achimota

The one day I decide not to step out with my DSLR I chance upon a very DSLR-worthy moment. And I know this for a fact because I bumped into Emmanuel Bobbie (Bob Pixel) who had his camera and who’s footage was eventually used by the publication I used to work for. Darn it!

Either way, a fire had started at a mattress store next to a petrol filling station and the locals were so scared that it would spread and cause an explosion – wiping out half of Achimota in the process – that they began hurling pure water sachets at the fire. Given the number of bags on the floor outside the store I would say they used between 2000-3000 bags of pure water and given that each bag sachet is 20 pesewas retail price, the locals wasted about 400-600 cedis that they really dont have, to fight the fire.

The fire service eventually turned up and the people began hurling pure water sachets at them for their tardiness. 

3 thoughts on “Fire at Achimota

    1. yeh, to be honest it was a great showing of community spirit as well. i guess because people dont feel like they can rely on the emergency services they banded together to do what they could.

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