Introducing TWEAAA

In Ghana, as I have said the youth despite being the majority are marginalised. Ok, maybe marginalised is a strong word, but it’s not to far from the truth. So now, with a little help from my friends I’m launching TWEAAA. TWEAAA is an Under 30 Unrestricted project. It allows Ghanaians, under 30 years old to comment on anything that concerns them. It aims to get real conversation going, outside of the context of the established biased media platforms.

So long as what is written is not racist, sexist, inciting hatred it’s more than welcome. On TWEAAA you can say that the President is like a dull school boy, because that’s how you see it.

We believe in the sharing of ideas and perspectives to develop our world. It is free to contribute and you can contribute in any way that you like. Many more people will see it and engage with you because it leverages all contributors networks.

It’s all part of the #Under30Unrestricted Project


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