Pics from the #DumsorMustStop Vigil

All because of dumsor [and I guess a lack of planning because I thought I would charge everything just before I left to join the vigil] my camera battery was low. I only managed the few pics on my previous post about the vigil and a video in the trotro on my way to the vigil.

Luckily for you I’ve been able to make a nice compilation of my favourite pictures from other photographers at the event.

PAS_7952 PAS_8097 PAS_8075 PAS_8058 PAS_8022 PAS_8021 PAS_8017 PAS_8003 PAS_7994 PAS_7992 PAS_7964 PAS_7963 PAS_7955 dumsor-vigil2 vigil  vigildumsor4 vigildumsor3vigildumdor2 dumsor-vigil

Kumasi is in the planning. I’m doing my best to be there!

Photo credit: Pascal Mensah and


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