My Biggest Regret since moving to Ghana

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childlike.”

I would say, as my time here approaches 2 years, that my biggest regret is not having seen the 10 regions in Ghana. Definitely I know I regret not having done all 16 ECOWAS nations but travel was thwarted when Ebola hit the sub-region. I wasn’t going to take the risk!

I had hoped to see the Western Region, by going to the Asabaako Festival but the person who said they would take me last year, let me down. I told him I wasn’t bothered. I lied. This year, me and the mates who were supposed to go simply stayed out really late, went to our various homes to catch 40 winks and simply overslept. It happens! I’m not too bothered by that one because we missed cos we were having a good time!

I’m a traveller, but it seems since moving to Ghana, I’ve got stuck. It may have something to do with Ghana’s accessibility to the rest of the world, or the fact that the culture of international holidays just doesn’t really exist here and so yeh I regret not travelling so much, and making my dream of seeing 25 countries by 25 even further from my reality. But on the other hand, there’s still time, however small it is… time to start making plans!