Ahonya Bid

What’s really cool about being in Ghana is that there’s still space to make all the things people in the West consider commonplace. I came across Ahonya Bid through the network I’ve built out here and decided to give it a look. It’s like madbid.com and all those website that have crazy, in-your-face television ads.

Obviously at first I was sceptical to give it a try because many people are hesitant to try websites here in Ghana but if people don’t patronise these websites, the companies won’t grow and then we’ll complain about the lack of a technology industry.

Sign up was beyond easy. If I said it took less than 5 second you wouldn’t believe me, but it did. In real time. Less than 5 seconds. I’ve yet to experience it in full because I’m on some sort of waiting list, but I’ll be sure to update you all when I do use it. Alternatvely, you could click the link above and sign up yourself.


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