The Life of a Young Diaspora Returnee in Websites

When I was living in Singapore I wrote a post: The life of a travelling student in websites

I thought I would make a little update and see what my searches look like now that i’m a “young professional diaspora returnee” and just like the first list I mean if I type in just one letter what website is Google Chrome going to guess I want to go to.

a –

b –

c –

d –

e –

f –

g –

h –

i –

j –

k –

l –

m –

n –

o –

p –

q –

r –

s –

t –

u –

v – vodafonemobile.wifi/

w –

x – without an association not even a random popup link cos I don’t use pirate websites anymore

y –

z – without an association

Some things haven’t changed. I still go to BBC (to be honest that will never change because it’s the BBC y’kno), Daily Mail, Facebook, Hotmail and Youtube are also familiar favourites. The letter ‘Q’ now has an associated site: – Quartz. I’m sure you’d agree that a pretty decent addition.

It’s funny how things have changed too! It shows how I’ve become quite stationary here in Ghana. In 2011, I recorded four airline websites amongst my most popular sites and two visa/diplomatic sites. Now not even one. Mainly because there are many (if any) cheap airlines whisking me away to a local paradise. We’re hoping to change that soon though. My final thoughts? Despite the inclusion of more social media sites and more eCommerce sites to buy the stuff I like, I would say life since being a travelling student in South East Asia is more boring. It got real and the less time I spend enjoying it the more time I spend on social media, I guess talking about it. Isn’t that what we’re all doing?


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