Putting Ghana on the Map

So the one thing you’ll probably know about Ghana is that directions are given to destinations by the use of very feeble landmarks i.e. the big mango tree, the lady who sells waakye. What happens if the mango tree is chopped down or the waakye lady starts selling kelewele or worse still leaves her spot altogether. Then you’re screwed cos you can’t ask a taxi driver, they don’t know anything about any areas you will ask them about. They will pretend that they do. Give you false directions. And you will be lost… forever.

And that’s why I love switching on my GPS when I get to a new landmark. I like to contribute to the map of Accra usng Google Maps’ feedback system. If you haven’t tried it you should. They do all their verification malark and then you get an email that looks like this…

And there you have it! I’m going to an event this week that’s all about how best to contribute to mapping. Although what I just told you is pretty simple I’m hoping the guys who have made this activity their bread and butter will be able to share more little tools to help me help Accra get mapped properly. Check back here in a week or so and I’ll share what I’ve learnt.

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