#AllStarrUnityConcert by Starr FM and Becca Review

So last week, on Tuesday, I went to the All Starr Unity Concert hosted by the EIB family – that would be Starr FM, Live FM and Kasapa FM. Of course, something must be wrong with me because after almost 2 years living here I am still naive about starting times. With every event I find ways to believe that GMT (Ghana Man Time) might have actually realigned to GMT (Greenwich Meridian Time). So when they announced that the event would start at 4pm, I aimed to get there for 5pm or thereabouts to arrive in time for the better known artistes to be coming on stage.


I did not expect that I would arrive just before 6pm to still see the crew setting up, to catch a quick snack and take my seat only for soundcheck to begin or to be yawning out of fatigue and boredom when the first MC of the night decided to suggest on radio that people in and around Accra should then be making their way to the stadium for this spectacular event that we who were sitting there were apparently experiencing.


Do not get me wrong, once it started it was a great event. The people who were there really made sure they enjoyed themselves, but was the 4pm advertised start a trick? Have we now taken to tricking people in order to have a full crowd at the start of our events? Or did they actually start late, 5 and a half hours late, for reasons that could only be pertained to logistics and time management of all involved. We started off with the gospel and thanking God for our lives and those we lost before moving on to the secular music. Needless to say the highlights of the night were Adomaa’s violin supported performance, Ohemaa Mercy, the Great Ambolley, and Becca. Funny enough all those performances were live band performances. There was a late 1am hysteria buzz in response to DJ’d music, mainly of no-show artistes that people had been expecting to see, such as Shatta Wale. By the end of the night the atmosphere was charged and it made up for the numbers.


I’ve gotta say, and my mum wouldn’t forgive me if I missed this out, Becca was there from before we arrived and seemed to be personally hosting the celebrities who passed through. She really took this project on as a personal endeavour and it just goes to show what a caring, and reliable person she is. Her set seemed to be what everyone was waiting for (there was a mild groan when KOD announced there were more artistes after Becca). Ghanaians have a lot to appreciate about Becca, and her new album is dropping soon (first single released is Steady) hopefully they show that appreciation where is counts.

This week, a well known blogger lamented small-time bloggers for seeking press accreditation to these kind of events but I can see why people (myself included) have asked for Press Accreditation to these events. It’s simply one less thing to get frustrated about. I would have most likely gone for a 50 cedi ticket (VVIP) and not received a 50 cedi experience. Then the amount of waakye I could have bought with that same 50 note will hit me and I would most likely be even more critical.


The concept and intentions were honourable. The line-up exquisite. The execution left a bit more to be desired and that is maybe on the Ghanaian public too. I imagine they were delaying with the hope of seeing more people. There were just 200 people in the West Wing of the Accra Sports Stadium outside of the VVIP section. This was all for a good cause but people were more buzzed about Ghana Meets Naija than a chance to support their fellow countrymen. It’s like we’ve all immediately forgotten JUNE 3. The persevering curse upon Ghana as a state is that its citizens forget too quickly. So despite all efforts they’ve probably not made any money towards the Twin disasters relief.

Oh, and let’s not call Tinny in for any more shows. He was hugely anti-climatic!


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