Ghanaians vs TV licence

Today, the National Media Commission decided that in a month’s time they would reintroduce TV licencing. It’s from the same logic that the utility companies have increased their fees – if they have more money we’ll like the outcome. Except that has never been the case in Ghana, as the electricity goes up I enjoy less and less electricity in my week; as water has gone up I still contract private water tankers; as road tolls go up my road still sits there disintegrating with every rain shower; as public transport fares go up, I still endure insulting behaviour, life threatening driving, and rusting vehicles that tear all my clothes.

I hope I’ve painted a picture for you. I don’t imagine GBC would be any different. There’s understandable uproar on social media too.


It’s also quite sad that they have decided to channel 75% of the funds raised to GBC, a broadcaster that nobody watches. Last time I watched GTV they randomly interrupted the programme for obituary announcements. No. Seriously. 4% would go to a Film fund, showing people more than ever that the people at the NMC and GBC are clueless about the future of broadcasting. Around the world TV is suffering to online content i.e. YouTubers. In Nigeria, the film industry Nollywood was a massive factor in the success of the rebasing of the economy last year. Despite that, Ghana is still playing the game with old rules. No one will pay, and the NMC won’t know what to do about that!


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