Thinking of getting a Ghana passport… but is it strong enough?

I got my Ghana passport 2 months before I made the big move to Ghana. I was initially worried because I wasn’t sure how it would be helpful aside from in Ghana and even then I had heard a lot about being harassed at Kotoka International Airport for having the Ghanaian passport in addition to the British one.

In the end using my Ghanaian passport in Ghana was really easy and was very helpful once I was in Ghana. To do most things, open a bank account and the like, you’ll obviously need ID, either a National Voters ID (the time to get this is very restricted), a driver’s licence (can take sometime) or a passport. So I used my Ghanaian passport in Ghana a lot when I first settled.

Last week, President Mahama went to Mauritius and the big news from that was that Ghanaians can now go to Mauritius visa-free! Yippee! If you’re British I think you can do that on your British passport already but still we’re happy! A little secret: this isn’t new, Ghanaians could enter Mauritius visa free before. In fact the Ghanaian passport is the 123rd strongest passport in the world. It can get you Visa free or visa-on-arrival access to 61 other countries. I here the reception in Zimbabwe for Ghanaian passport holders is heart-warming.

It’s worth getting a Ghanaian passport, especially over the Dual Citizenship Card. Africa notoriously doesn’t trust itself which is why it is still easier with your Western passport to enter a number of African countries. That’s not Ghana’s fault alone its a mindset that needs to change across the continent but people have complained that Ghana has overly strict immigration rules themselves so maybe if we become more welcoming we’ll be better welcomed in return.
How Powerful is Your Passport?


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