Running your Race in Accra

When I reached Ghana in 2013, I was already an avid cyclist. My family said, cyclists get killed on the road all too often and after see a couple HGV vs Motorbike incidents I conceded that they were right! As consolation I said I would take up running but apparently in Ghana, if you run too fast people will assume without evidence that you are running from a crime scene and they will don their vigilante capes and deal with you.

The lazy person in me conceded too quickly, I reckon!

There are two marathons in Ghana this month alone! The first is the Millennium Marathon. The signboards went up a while ago. Towards the end of the month Accra International Marathon is also coming on. AIM is in its ninth year. Non-football sports rarely get a lot of attention and support so if you are in Ghana this month, please get down there and support the runners as they cross the finish line like we do along the London Marathon route. Just think, unlike the rest of us, they’re not the early conceding lazy ones.


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