Support Team Esave in Global Competition

We like to complain that Ghana is suffering and nothing is happening. John F Kennedy once mistakenly translated the Chinese word for crisis (weiji) as a component of danger and opportunity. Whilst this has been debunked by the Mandarin purists, the sentiment has been well maintained. I was even taught this in my first degree.

So Ghana is going through a bit of a crisis, and whilst many see danger,some have seen the opportunity. Dzansi Brian Dzidefo and his Team Esave have entered a global app/hardware competition. They aim to improve energy efficiency in Africa. The app is a demand management solution with a hardware component fitted into your home energy distribution system. This is an app for everyone – available on Android, iOS and Windows. It will measure energy usage, track leakages and give tips to save energy therefore bringing down your bill and helping your cedi go further!

There are great ideas in Ghana that need people to vote for them, use them, invest in them. So vote for Team Esave in the CoLab competition and let’s collectively put Ghana on the map.

1. Click on this link (
2. Click on “VOTE FOR THIS PROPOSAL” on the right hand side of the screen
3. You will be prompted to register with your gmail or Facebook account
4. Click on VOTE again after your registration has been confirmed

Ensure your vote is counted before leaving the page


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