8 Things that will annoy you if you choose to drive in Ghana

Now I don’t actually drive – anywhere in the world. I’ve not got my licence yet, because I’ve never needed it, I cycle everywhere in London and initially I thought I could do the same in Accra. I was deceived by this picture of Wanlov the Kubolor.


My cousin does drive, in the UK, like a boy racer. But when he reaches Ghana he refuses to flat out and these may be the reasons why.

1. Condition and maintenance of local roads

Ghana Roads

Like seriously? Ghana roads are really bad. To the extent that a woman once suffered a miscarriage once because of the nature of a road (read all about it here). But this not to say that all ghana roads in such a poor condition, there are some really good roads.


But roads like this one at the University of Ghana will make you feel sorry for the cars that ply it.


2. Cost of fuel


And it’s like the price keeps going up every now and then. And most often when international prices of crude oil goes down, it seems the local NPA just doesn’t want to regulate fuel prices downwards a little bit.

EV Oil Company Limited is quoting the lowest price of super GH₡ 3.070 per litre and diesel GH₡ 2.820 per litre whilst Benab Oil Company Limited is quoting the highest of GH₡ 3.360 per litre for super and GH₡ 2.942 per litre for diesel.

3. Drivers texting/using the internet at the wheel


This is so annoying. It’s like the person doesn’t care about his life, but what about my LIFE?


Seriously, don’t text and drive. This is a plea. Just don’t do it.


4. Drivers under the influence of alcohol

Dui, Dui?, Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fuh Dat!


But if you do have time for drunk -driving, just go ahead. There’s only one thing I can assure you of though.


5. Drivers talking on phones without using a hands-free kit


6.  Traffic

Ghana traffic is for real.

Ghana, Ashanti Region, Kumasi. Tro tro station at Kumasi.

Like this for real


And this is enough to annoy anyone behind the wheel.

7. Number of accidents on the road

The Ghana Ministry of Roads and Transport has said a total of 944 persons lost their lives in motor accidents between the months of January and June 2015


8. Congestion on the roads

Refer to number 6 above. But some congestions are not caused just by traffic inducing circumstances, some are just the result of ignorant drivers (especially public transport)

If you want more lists of things to watch out for in Ghana head over to my friends at iGhanaian.com who compiled this one.


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