The beginning of GH

So normally this is supposed to be a diary blog about my life in Ghana, but recently I came across some really cool photos of early post-independence life in Ghana courtesy of OMGGhana. So I thought I would share with you guys. Check these out!

Ghana around 1970
Cocoa farmers in 1970
Proudly exhibiting culture in 1973
Legon girls got nothing on these Ghana Airways flight attendant trainees in 1960.
A highlife band, Bokoor Beats, really getting into the swing of things in 1969.
One of the first attendants for Ghana Airways, at Kotoka Airport. Look! It hasn’t changed one bit!
Spectators at the horse races in 1961. If only we could revive this activity.
POLITICS ALERT: This photo was taken on 28th February 1966 after the coup which ousted Kwame Nkrumah whilst he was in China. The police are maintaining calm. Note they’re not holding guns or pointing them at anyone, they’ve not got tear gas and they’re not dressed in paramilitary gear, but still they command respect.
Young girls in Obuasi, near the centre of Ghana, in 1978.
Young girls dancing, around 1961. Check the fashion #MadeInGhana and proud.
An on trend couple in an on trend building in 1960. Someone get me that statue!
Pan-Africanism at its best!! Fela Kuti and his crew came to see Ghana.
Ask your mum about Ghana house parties back in the day. This was taken in the 1970s, gives credence to the rumours of my parents turning it up back in the day!
Save the best to last: 1970’s ohemaas.

Wouldn’t you love to live in 1970 Ghana even if just for one day. This copilation has inspired me to do some personal digging through my family’s vault for some more pictures. Let’s get more of Africa on the internet!

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