Three ways to Banish Mosquitoes from your Empire

If you’re moving to Ghana permanently, after some time you are going to get bored of taking malaria tablets especially if you struggle to swallow tablets like I did when I first landed in Ghana. But of course malaria is prevalent in Ghana and that’s because of the mozzies. So if you don’t want to have to take the tablets, repel the mozzies with all you got. Here are couple solutions that I found from a Lamudi newsletter I’m subscribed to:


Lemongrass and lavender, if you can find some in Ghana, can be planted around your compound – and they’re pretty too!

It’s not tremendously easy to find lemongrass in Accra, especially if you live in West Accra, or Old Accra as I like to call it. You may need to cross town to the East Legon-Spintex Road tunnel where there is a plant nursery. It’s the one I’m often referred to for all my horticultural needs so I would say it’s your best bet. Sorry, if you live in the North Kaneshie area!



Candles give off great smells and if you can find some with citronella, rosemary, thyme, lemongrass, or lime in the ingredients your candle will be a great mosquito repellent. In this day and age of dumsor (electricity crisis) if you don’t have a generator, the candles could double up as a sweet ambient light provider on the nights that ‘ECG decides to visit’ (slang term referring to the cutting of power to your area). If you can’t find candles with the above ingredients do not make an order online with the hope that your family will ship it to you, you can make your own if you get some of those ingredients from the plant nursery I mentioned and/or a great store just on the junction of Abebrese Road off Osu Oxford Street, passed Papaye if you are heading towards the Beach Road/Accra Stadium. There you can get the wick and beeswax for the candles. I forget the store’s name but will update this post if it comes to me.


Orange, banana and lemon peel.

Making a smoothie, cos you’re an Afropolitan in Ghana?! About to throw the waste away? Stop! If you’ve been to Ghana before you will realise that everything will find purpose. The peels of your fruits can be zested or burned around your compound and that will keep our little vampire friends away.

Basically you might see a pattern that Lamudi has not and that will help you to think of even more ways to repel mosquitoes – mozzies don’t like strong smells. The chemicals that go into sprays and coils to repel mosquitoes are designed to mimick these strong smells. It will take a bit of trial and error because obviously its not guaranteed that every smell you consider to be a strong smell will be repulsive to a moz. So the above four is a good start and I would highly recommend because in actual fact the chemicals in coils and sprays after a long period of continuous use are not good for the human body.


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