Young Professionals move to Ghana

Since my video with Lorissa went up, I’ve had a lot of people who are thinking of moving to Ghana message me to ask my advice. As readers of this blog will know I initially moved to Ghana for a year to test the waters and then decided to stay permanently.  Obviously I moved back to the UK last August.

Read Lorissa’s The Only Way Is Ghana here

The BBC interviewed a couple returnees about their decision to relocate to Ghana. I really enjoyed the article because it reminded me about how I felt back in 2013 before I went to Ghana and through much of 2014 as I was enjoying the adventure of the move. You can’t belittle that feeling.

Whilst I have physically checked out of Ghana, I have to point out that my background is starkly different from Lorissa, Kobby, and Jerry and most probably you. You never know if something is for you until you try it so if you’re thinking about it, do it. Hit up the Ahaspora crew when you arrive.

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